Sitting on the plane which was flying me from Shanghai to Guilin this afternoon, I drafted this final post, thinking of the past four years… It’s amazing to see how time flies and how one’s life can change drastically thanks to the right persons and the right mindset.

Now, I’m sitting on the bed of room A303 of the Yangshuo Taichi & Kungfu School, the very first room which was allocated to me when I was a total newbie in Tai Chi, some four years ago. I’m back at the school of Master Fu for the 16th time! This time, the retreat will last only 5 days, as many exciting projects are waiting for me back in Shanghai and can’t wait to get accomplished, including my first miniTED talk on November 15th.

I’m moving on to a new identity and a whole range of activities and services which I am delighted to introduce you to through my brand new website:

Martial arts are, and will remain one of my main tools when it comes to practicing and teaching self-awareness, and to choosing courage to fight one’s fears. So I will keep coming back to the Yangshuo Taichi & Kungfu School, and you will be able to read more posts about my Taichi retreat adventure on my new website.

My dear friends, thank you again for encouraging me in my martial endeavor and for following this blog. I invite you now to keep following me by subscribing to the newsletter of and to my social networks. I hope to hear from you soon!

Be well, and may the “qi” be with you!

Kungfu Christine. now Christine Leang, Writer | Speaker | Coach.


Dear Taichi Retreat Followers,

I’m excited to announce that my kungfu adventure, which started four years ago, is about to hit a new milestone: at the end of this week, on Sunday November 9th, the Taichi-Retreat blog will move to a brand new website.

You will be able to read new posts about martial arts and updates from the Yangshuo Taichi & Kungfu School like before. But you will also discover other facets of my identity, as a Writer, Speaker and Coach.

Once again, thank you so much for following me during these past years. I can’t wait to start this new page and share it with you!

– Kungfu Christine aka Christine Leang, Fearfighter and Storyteller

PS: November 9th is also the day I chose to go back to Master Fu’s school. So you’ll hear from me again soon enough!